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Marc Abrams
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Re: Roku Tai no Henko- of the Chushin Tani

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
The video is non dynamic motion. It is showing relative positions. It is done for demonstration of position, not stance holding. If you would like to demonstrate my movements patterns with a better video, I would love to see it. Thanks Marc.

They start off double weighted and move to another position of being double weighted. This has nothing to do with holding a stance. I am not interested in trying to "best" your movement patterns. I would suggest have people lean on the other people so that when they move, they will experience very quickly what it means to be double-weighted. Do you not see their movements as being double-weighted? I am personally spending a lot of time rewiring my movements because of my previous propensity to move in similar manners.

Keep up your hard work! Whereas we might see things differently, I respect the dedication that you put in with what you are doing.

Marc Abrams
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