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Jorge Garcia
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Re: So how is your dojo doing?

On November 1, 2012, we (Shudokan School of Aikido) are celebrating our 4th anniversary at the new location. Since 2004, we have been at the YMCA, and other places we shared with Karate and other kinds of martial arts groups. We came to this location with 29 students. As of this morning, we have 93 active students. We have held our dojo population in the 90's for over two years. When we arrived at this location, we had complete use of the facility so we started with 4 days a week and got it to 7 days a week as soon as we could. We then separated the classes so we now have 1 early morning, 1 mid afternoon, 3 lunch time classes and multiple night classes 5 nights a week. I believe we are now offering 20 hours of training a week.

We currently have 55 adults and 38 children. Our kids are very active and we have 4 classes a week for them. We don't do any advertising other than our website, and Facebook page that we maintain. The driving force of our kids program is the curriculum that we use and the number of classes that we offer them. The fact we were able to raise a student body has been because we have been at the dojo 7 days a week to sign up people, even before we had classes 7 days a week. We have the dojo in a neighborhood on a busy street so the visual is a good one and I think that is critical. If you have a good location but you're not going to be there to receive the students, then they can't be signed up. After 4 years, I am still at the dojo every day teaching, managing and signing people up.
It's a lot of work but all in all, we are grateful for the opportunity to live the dream, and have a great time dedicating all of our efforts to train, teach and promote Aikido.
Best wishes,
Jorge Garcia
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"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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