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Re: 83 year old aikido black belt repels home invader.

Lyle Laizure wrote: View Post
Just saying it doesn't make it a fact. The article indicates that the man intentionally grabbed the weapon and then sought out the intruder. That doesn't mean he wasn't afraid but the way it is written it sure makes the old man out to be seeking the confrontation.
What is the alternative you suggest if you are a woman or a senior (the bb in aikido is nice but nobody at 83 has the muscle mass and proprioception of a young fit man) at home and afraid because there is an intruder who may/not be armed and whose intent you prudently must assume is malevolent? To huddle under a bed or in a closet and hope for the best? I'll be grabbing something to enhance my personal capabilities, make use of my superior ability to navigate my home in the dark and hope the decision as to where and how to engage is of my choosing (there is a reason aikido trains to elicit a specific attack).

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