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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

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Pretty good advice in most of that post, but this section deserves highlighting IMO. I always wondered about people who say, spent hours on end on their own in a room practicing sumo stomps
with the intention of becoming unbeatable fighter, like Sagawa Yukiyoshi apparently did. It just can"t be good for your social skills, to say the least! I believe that this is one reason why a lot of solo training was practiced in the forms of calligraphy, dance, painting, tea ceremony etc. You were focussed on creating something beautiful that benefitted others.
Are you implying dancers or painters do not do their own solitary practice to improve their ability for its own sake, just to be better dancers or painters because, maybe, just maybe, they sincerely enjoy dancing or painting? Are you implying that everything a dancer does or a painter does is solely with the goal of displaying it to others for their pleasure? Are you implying that martial arts does not have its own depth and an ability to bring people together or be pleasing to others? Are you implying that one can get good at aiki without highly specific tanren? It sure seems like it.

Then again...

We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and -- in spite of True Romance magazines -- we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely -- at least, not all the time -- but essentially, and finally, alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I don't see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness.

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