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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

Hya Michael...I'm not pointing to you at all but sat here with 5 mins thought I could say a little more.

Your wise to do a personal checkup but this does show one thing. That generally in aikido most in doing something different can end up making a guinea pig of themselves. Lost in a pioneer spirit some that got sick here thought they had something great..something different that would and could lead to something beyond the norm...and trust me it certainly did!. The Tai-chi teacher was very "high level" btw... a shihan here in Japan.

Lets not forget that this is early days for most for ip/is outside of Asia. Lets also not forget that in the early days of smoking, smoking was something that even doctors recommended as being good for relaxation and a strong constitution! as we know that may not always be the case and later some have suffered for over indulgance....hence my warning.

Those that do understand in Japan say it is very important to have the right basically have to feel humble inside. Those that go off thinking about power etc are going to be in big trouble for sure...they can end up like some Stitch thing with all kinds of mental issues and confrontational problems. This kind of training can easily change your personality and not always for the best. Remember even Stitch went looking for a ^^

In modern aikido people haven't "failed"...that's just insanity on a grand scale. Few people in Japan think of fighting when practising's nothing to do with that at all. It has to be said as some could easily have become confused with what they've had to listen to for the last few years.

In aikido I would personally have to recommend studying with Endo sensei for something that can and does lead to excellence without a damaged mindset. People that want to be ultimate soldier or king of fighters should do others a service and leave the other people in aikido alone imho.

Thats my thought for today anyway....sorry again Michael for having your name on the top..there's nothing personal in that at all.

All the best


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