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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

Lee, thank you for taking the time to clarify that you weren't joking. Your answers were essentially worthless to me, while your advice was both correct and valuable - and applies to any discipline in which one is being taught.

I wasn't asking you to violate some sort of HIPPA laws, but rather it seems like it would be reasonable to say something along the lines of "I personally knew two students who were studying XYZ gi gong and experienced mental health breakdowns." or something of the like.

I don't dispute that individuals can experience varied difficulties with exercises and activities. My gi gong teacher and two friends who are doctors of Chinese medicine have all talked about "ki blockages", the ramifications and how they are resolved. I have yet another acquaintance who has become quite strange since he became involved with a specific organization that many believe to be a cult. Those things happen. I also know of many individuals who have experienced severe mental health problems and others who have suffered physical problems who have never experimented with any asian discipline. Those things happen too.

Your response simply wasn't very helpful, to me anyway. Perhaps I am not sufficiently attuned, so I will thank you for your effort and go on with my business.

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