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Diana Frese
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Re: So how is your dojo doing?

Don't want to shock anyone, but I have used the Y situation as an excuse to try "scenario teaching" Not strict self defense scenarios but to get some principles across conveniently to newbies and not so newbies at the same time. Like teaching beginning irimi nage from a simple diagonal shoulder push in a made up bar scenario where people are leaning against the mirror wall. I call it the Star Wars Bar Scene, though none of that cool music available!

If you don't mind the details, one person stands out in front and is told to wave hands around and act flustered while each would-be attacker uncurls from the "bar scene" wall and aims to push the "nage to be" So the attacker would keep coming if unopposed.

So second time around for each: Let the uke start to push the shoulder. Nage-to-be uses this to sense where uke is coming from, feeling the light push a bit.

Third time, let uke pass by as if nage is a swinging door, one hand indicating continue in uke's direction, but other hand behind uke's neck, gently turning towards wall with other people leaning on it. Uke ends up where he or she started.

"Here, have a beer you'll feel better." (Or a ginger ale or whatever they want)

If Phi showed up to help, I guess we would have had to have real beer, not imaginary. But all this was decades ago. He would have liked our old YMCA dojo. We always went out for food and drink after class. Usually Italian food. My favorite was eggplant parmigian',

Now you all are getting me nostalgic. But all this talk about haks, both of mine shredded (the indigo cotton kind) over two decades ago and too spoiled or too broke to buy cheaper ones later.

A few years later, we had a little loft dojo. We just wore sweats and shirts and some kinds of jackets etc. No rolling, most of us five had some injury and window wall was old and scary but I was amazed at what good Aikido they did if I do say so myself. We only had the space a few months but it was a great time for all of us.

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