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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

personally i don't subscribe to the whole notion of ki ball shooting out of my rear-end (unless my diet includes cabage, kimchi, and a heavy dose of beans) and evil ghosts entering through my ass (good luck on that one, since phi's body has already been occupied by a pure evil party going bastard named phi, that already puts up a sign of "no vacancy"). i am more likely to believe in the stroke side of the fence. here is a link to webmd on stroke, on this section,
"If several smaller strokes occur over time, you may have a more gradual change in walking, balance, thinking, or behavior (multi-infarct dementia)."

so for me, i am going with high BP -> Strokes theory. besides, those taoists were a bunch of nut jobs and party animals. wonder when and where their next party? hmmmm.... *mumble mumble not that i am interested in the party.....mumble mumble wonder if they got any babes there....mumble mumble wonder if michael hackett will be there...mumble mumble*

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