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Re: Is ude furi chouyaku udo useful for kokyunage?

Kevin Tejan wrote: View Post
Anyway, something I have been able to do are things like fudegoshi, (sp?), and ude furi choyaku undo, a blending Excersise that seems to , I've heard, help a lot with kokyunage defense in me doing the projections. Since I've learned it I haven't been doing aikido, just the blending Excersise for hours over and over, trying to stay as centered as possible, and trying to lead with the hips. From my understanding, this can be applied to kokyunage, maybe like this?: Nage delivers a yokomenuchi strike to the left side of the head, my left foot is forward, I step with rear foot forward, extending their arm out, then pivoting (spinning my center), then stepping back and reversing the arm over the shoulder after/as I pivot and, and then lower my center to help with the projection. Can this blending Excersise help with kokyunage like this? Thanks. Kevin.
Kevin, I'm not sure the style of Aikido you are doing, but it sounds like you are at least incorporating Tohei Sensei's Aiki Taiso exercises. We always do all of the taisos as part of our warm up at the beginning of our classes. The step you are referring to shows up in a lot of the taisos, not just ude furi. That particular step and hip movement is absolutely critical for almost all of the tenkan techniques I have done, not just kokyu nage. The best part is that these are all Aikido movements that you can practice when you are alone. As far as your specific question, it is my experience that working on mastering these particular movements will go very far in helping you with all of your Aikido. I often see beginners "stutter step" through a technique, which inevitably stands uke back up. I know that once I was able to start the more flowing and proper steps, I was also able to keep uke stretched out and not give balance back.

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