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Re: 83 year old aikido black belt repels home invader.

The detective stated, at least twice in that article, that only "reasonable" force is allowed and that they don't know that transpired in the house. In addition to that their "concern" for the burglar has definate overtones of wanting his/her side of the story to possibly arrest the homeowners.

Depending on the laws of your state, city, or county you are not allowed, legally speaking, to go after someone, even if they have assaulted you, if there is no eminent threat to you safety. Further more if you can avoid it you have to; meaning that if you specifically engage someone and you had the opportunity to avoid them it is you that is at fault. The fact that the article mentions that both of the individuals have attained a blackbelt in Aikido and that the fella's own account of what happened really does set them up for serious liability.

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