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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

Hi folks. This info here is based on loose research I've done over the years, but take it with a grain of salt, cause I certainly do, but it is an interest of mine, and is certainly interesting.

I have heard the term "ki sickness" which apparently involves ki being bottle-necked somewhere and somehow in your system. This "sickness" can apparently manifest itself in physical/mental/emotional ways, depending, sometimes on pre-existing conditions/dispositions (of course, the proper/improper channeling of ki (chi) is what traditional chinese medicine is based on, yes). I have heard this tied in with raising kundalini, where the kundalini gets blocked or channeled improperly. Nowadays all this can probably be researched on the internet much more quickly and easily. Some think that ki (chi) and Kundalini are the same, some don't. Of course, some think that neither actually exist, too.

I guess if you Google "ki sickness" you might get some results that may lead to answers of more info, at least. This ki (kundalini) sickness, by-the-way, is not some kind of magical thing, but is a "real" energy gone awry. Some weird pyschological effects, including delusions, from what I've read, can ocur, but these are not evil spirits. Anyway, a lot of different stuff here. Have your salt shaker handy....
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