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Is ude furi chouyaku undo useful for kokyunage?

I've been doing Aikido for about 6 months and recently suffered a seperated shoulder injury from an ukemi accident. My ukemi (besides break falls ) I've been told is good and my forward rolls are silent. It was an accident in lapse of attention, conditioning (not expecting to roll forward, we were doing kokyunage that didn't require a forward roll, before that one...) , I've had this happen before, but I reacted in time. As soon I realized I was going down fast, and that I was going to have to roll out of it, I instinctively put out my left arm to roll, but it was too late; the force went up my arm, shoulder, to my collar bone as I basically landed vertically, heard It crack/pop , and seperated my a/c joint. In less than 3 weeks, only about 2, it's gone from taking 6 Vicodin a day (which didnt help with the pain, barely) to none, in a sling in constant severe pain, to no sling and free mobility of my whole left shoulder, arm, hand , side, etc. upward movements rarely cause pain anymore, (like removing a tshirt), but pushing, and ESPECIALLY pulling movements , and when it's something heavy, a lot of pain. I went foolishly back to my aikido class last Friday, as I was asked as usual to help with putting down the padded mats, I realized quickly I could not only not pick them up, but even pulling together with both hands hurt a lot. So, not doing ukemi for awhile. Anyway, something I have been able to do are things like fudegoshi, (sp?), and ude furi choyaku undo, a blending Excersise that seems to , I've heard, help a lot with kokyunage defense in me doing the projections. Since I've learned it I haven't been doing aikido, just the blending Excersise for hours over and over, trying to stay as centered as possible, and trying to lead with the hips. From my understanding, this can be applied to kokyunage, maybe like this?: Nage delivers a yokomenuchi strike to the left side of the head, my left foot is forward, I step with rear foot forward, extending their arm out, then pivoting (spinning my center), then stepping back and reversing the arm over the shoulder after/as I pivot and, and then lower my center to help with the projection. Can this blending Excersise help with kokyunage like this? Thanks. Kevin.
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