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Re: resp to Kokyu Rokyu thread

Hya Michael

I can understand you asking those questions and I can assure you it's no joke. However I won't specifiy any more information on the cases I talked about. It would be nothing short of irresponsible to give out that kind of information on a subject very few are knowledgable about.

I won't take any responsibility for supplying further information about this other than to say people have had and can have very real physical/mental and spiritual problems following various internal practises.

If you have a teacher or someone saying you should do something outside of normal practise then you should be asking them about what is safe, what isn't..things that could go wrong. Is their experience only theirs? or can they show you a teacher that is legitimate and shows what they are doing is safe and will continue to be safe well into old age. If they can't or won't give you the answers, or laugh it off then you shouldn't be seeing them as an authority to follow blindly. Some students with something doesn't always mean a lot imho.

This is the only and best answer I will give you...take care...and don't let ego lead you.

All the best


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