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83 year old aikido black belt repels home invader.

The home invader, a muscular man in his thirties who may be linked to other burglaries, broke into the high-set home in Gilruth Rd, Kenmore at about 8.30pm.
Inside were Edwin Dowdy, 83, and his wife Jutta, 76, who have lived in the property in the quiet Kenmore street since 1966.
When the couple - who both have black belts in the Japanese art of Aikido - realised there was an intruder in the house Mr Dowdy grabbed a knife from the lounge room he had kept for security and went to confront the burglar and warn him he was armed.
He said he confronted the intruder and told him he had a knife, but the man tried to push past him and ran on to the blade.
The injured burglar - who was bleeding heavily from a knife wound to his stomach - took two of Mrs Dowdy's handbags and ran on to the balcony and jumped to the ground.
A large amount of blood was visible there this morning.
He then fled down with the Dowdys in pursuit and tried to steal a car from a few doors down.

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