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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

Five Rings Aikido in Tempe arizona. Our sensei is a sandan.
We also have another teacher who is (I think) the same rank and sometimes teaches. He focues more on striking and doing damage (atemi, not feinting) attacks as well as techniques.

Sensei Jim Clark focuses more on doing no harm, but both have a different philosphy from one another.

Jim Clark Sensei is our main teacher, Gene only fills when he is out of town.

There are many aspects of of Aikido why people choose it. Philosphy, physical, fitness, spiritual, practicaility. I chose above all, practicality as #1, and philosphy (morally) as #2. I don't believe in harming an attacker unless in a life or death situation, and as a last resort at that.

Its focused more on practical techniques, not on some 'fu fu' schools where apparantly I guess the nage does not attack with energy, and the uke just "falls down" without the nage doing much.

Also we are constantly reminded how real life applications of aikido are important, as well as practical applications in case of dangerous situations sometimes.Such as instead a circular strike to the head with the hands, it could be a bat, beer bottle, knife, sword (unlikely haha), hook punch, etc. Safety is #1, we do free style (randori) starting at our first belt (yellow belt,5th kyu, 1 man randori) which is what I am very close to testing for.

For that randori, it is yokomenchi strike to the head as the nage's attack and for the uke's defense kokyunage which is a basic technique I think taught to beginners alot.
I feel it is one of the most simpliest and easier techniques.

To help with the kokyonage, I've gotten alot better at a blending technique that derives from the ude furi undo, its called ude furi choyaku undo. It helps with randori and movement in all techniques, teaches you how to move I think, and also can be a direct application of kokyunage, as the movement, and hip pivoting from the center provide alot of the unbalancing, as well as the extension of the nage's body and leading the arm down and then up, then dropping the weight at the end after unbalancing to finissh the projection.

To do this, we do it a little differently. We make like a triangle with the fingers of both hands, similir to how you might roll forward (with both of the hands), and keep it front of the face directly at all times. This helps me know which direction i'm facing and be aware of keeping my hands in front o fme for defense at all times, I believe. My teacher said this choyaku technique (blending excerise) can be a direct application to yoko kokyunage.

I do it by taking a step forward from (left foot behind, right foot slightly forward) with my left foot, pivot on both feet, and take a step back from the opposite foot. I end up the facing the opposite direction I came, along with the back feet being reversed (left foot behind, after pivoting and stepping back, right foot behind). In a smooth motion it is one movement.

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