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Re: Too Busy Too Far

Hello, this is John (Yianie). I would like to thank everyone for your comments. I have to admit that after reading the first few comments I felt enough humiliation that I stopped even going to the forum for a few weeks. Then today I read some hope. To answer some of your questions, first, I live in Valparaiso, IN, and I work at the JESSE BROWN VA MEDICAL CENTER in Chicago. I am a project engineer there. I manage projects that help veterans or as I think of the as former warriors. I started working there 11 years ago, after being laid off due to the economy 4 times. For those who are not aware, being an engineer in a nation where everything is designed and built overseas is not what you want to be if you want to eat. My other employers were only 40 min away, but working in Chicago has made it a 1 hr drive. Now consider how the cost of gas has changed lives, for me it taken me from driving to public transportation, which adds another hour. So, that's how you get 2 hr commute each way. Secondly, why learn Aikido? Well, I'm a very athletic 52 years old man. I grew up seeing martial arts on television where either you kill or critically hurt some one. Now add the element that I was bullied for most of my childhood. Yes being bullied as a kid does screw you up as an adult. When I first heard of Aikido and the philosophy, I thought it was perfect. Martial arts with compassion. So, yes, I want to learn. Will I ever be a black belt? Most likely not. But knowing how to take someone down to protect yourself from some who has had a really bad day is priceless. So, I want to thank everyone for you comments and suggestions. More suggestions are always welcomed.......John.

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