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Mario Tobias
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Learning is like a flight of stairs

What I've learned from aikido is that when you're admitting to yourself that you've reached a plateau, this is also where your "jump" in your higher understanding is near around the corner if you just continue regularly with your practice.

This is also the time where sometimes you get depressed, disappointed with yourself and start asking if it's all worth it, what's the point in continuing or thinking about quitting.

The amazing thing about aikido and the human body in general is you gets spurts in learning. I view learning like a flight of stairs, it is not like a slope. Similar to a flight of stairs, there is the flat surface (plateau) and the next step (what I call spurt). Learning is a cycle of plateaus and spurts. I guess a lot of people quit because they don't realized there's something at the end of every plateau.

What's also interesting and mysterious is that you suddenly know what you do but can't explain why and how you got there.

Anybody have the same experience?
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