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Diana Frese
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Re: Magic, Bullfighting, Front-loaders, and Aikido

Oh no, I was so trying not to use animal images that are painful to think about. So please don't think.about the following literally:

I was trying to remember the ways to teach moving uke or anything else without using strength. Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the children's game. Just the concept of the game, not taking it literally. After all, it's only a painted or silk screened picture on a sheet that in the old days (my childhood, cough, cough) was tacked on the wall at birthday parties. The kids were blindfolded and couldn't see the donkey while they were trying to aim. Reminds me of Terry Dobson's classes where once in a while he would turn off the lights to see if we could avoid strikes.

I think the point I used to try to make was to not think of uke as something heavy we have to drag around, but that all we have to do is point ("Ki students can think, "just extend ki") and have the pointing hand feel connected to the rest of the body as in the excellent front loader example.

Oh, yes, in the children's game some adult took the child by the shoulders and turned him or her around a bit, so many times they didn't know where the wall with the picture was. Fortunately the others were not blindfolded so they could get out of the way of the kid with the pointy thing attached to the fake donkey tail.

All this because Linda started me thinking about the front loaders and their engines and that it isn't "arm strength"

Great example, Linda, if my hubbie brings his construction friends over and they want to try Aikido...

Next example, "sheetrock" but first I will try to give someone else a chance.

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