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All things being probable, it would be unfortunate if your sensei who could more than likely defeat you barehanded put a real weapon to you. I find that scenario highly unlikely.

But the spirit of the thread is not so much about abuse, physical or mental but more about corporal punishment in a Martial Art. Although I agree that no one should lay hand on you with malice, I do understand the truth in a corporal lesson. And I seek to understand the cultural divide in this matter. Corporal punishment is accepted in Asian cultures in regards to Martial Arts training. Martial Arts are not a domestic American or Western product/philosophy.

I guess could and American or Westerner differentiate between abuse and corporal punishment such as a slap or rough treatment or the such.

Does the "American Entitlement" figure into this? That sense of "if it's not my way then it's no way"?

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