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Re: back to basics, punch

I've been thinking about this a little bit; take Steven Seagal for example; his films are very violent and his use of aikido techniques is very brutal. Now I know they're only action films designed to entertain, but I do think Seagal has tried to make an honest attempt to show how aikido would work on the 'street'. But is Seagal's 'street' aikido, aikido? Or is it closer to a form of jujutsu? If aikido is meant to be the extension and harmonization of ki in order to restore balance; then the dojo style aikido with compliant uke could be argued is 'pure' or 'true' aikido because it is two practitioners exercising aiki. Street thugs don't exercise aiki or ki because they have violent intentions (what I mean is that they are not consciously projecting ki).

Now I'm not saying aikido cannot be used on the street or against violent or resisting opponents but the application of aiki will not be as smooth or flowing. Therefore if one attempts to replicate 'street' conditions 'honestly' does this mean they are no longer practising aikido strictly speaking?

I know Morihei Ueshiba accepted many challenges to test his art against other martial artists, but was he ever in a real street fight? Did he ever use his art in self-defence? If so what were his reflections on the experience and how did it shape his aikido?

If I'm speaking total nonsense then feel free to tell me, these are just some thoughts.
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