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Re: I Was Wrong

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Yup. NO INCH punches!!
And non-telegraphing kicks and throws
Yeah. I was in a randori fairly recently and a really strong, aggressive guy got fairly attached to me. I managed to "pulse" him off through his contact without him realizing it was coming. Confused the hell out of him. He later asked me what I did and to be honest I really couldn't explain it. It just kind of manifested itself real-time. Oddly enough it really wasn't until later when the guy asked that I even realized I had done it.

Training matters... Kind of a "duh" comment, eh...

In my experience most people who've never been in a fight are flustered by the first contact. Easy to use atemi, even crappy atemi, on those people. Some, however, know that getting hit just comes with the territory and don't worry much about crappy contact. Yeah, it leaves a mark but you'll survive and sometimes you'll take that to get in closer to do more damage, hence comments like Tony's. I told a friend who I was discussing this with to go on youtube and find some videos of Bas Rutten doing pancrase. Kind of like intentionally walking in to a wood chipper... Painful. And when he delivers a liver shot just with a palm strike, for instance, they go down. Good form, tons of power, incredible speed. And that's something that you just cannot ignore. Shut down time.

Yes, I love my heavy bag... Use it daily.

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