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Keith Larman
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Re: I Was Wrong

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
These aren't tricks. I use almost none of the pain compliance tricks. I know a bunch, I don't like them, they work best in the dojo. As Big Tony Alvarez once said (of a finger lock technique), "I'd lose that finger to kill you..."

This stuff will (or can) help with the goal that you state of moving away from the dojo-tricks.
I get nervous just reading that... Who in their right mind is trying *anything* on Tony...

I've been hit very hard in training, broken stuff, cracked open my lip pretty bad once. Kept right on doing what I was doing until the other guy was down. It hurt later. At the time of the pain it just pissed me off... Depends on the personality (or psychological pathology) of the person on the receiving end... As someone told me once, pain compliance is the wrong way to view it. Hurting some people will only make them mad. Structurally injuring, however... And a finger ain't what I'm talkin' about...

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