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Wow. Long Island. And Marc's at Bedford Hills, Westchester. Places only around an hour or so away. And a former student of mine lives in Nassau County. She studied briefly with Imaizumi Sensei while working at an office in Manhattan. Maybe finally I will get to see what these "stuffs" are. Oh by the way, I was reading with my "outdoor" glasses. I guess Krystal was not saying "shifty" about being dissatisfied with some former techniques....
What I was saying is that I know a fair number of "tricks" designed to add discomfort to techniques in order to make my ukes move or hurt more. Clipping thumbs, finding pressure points, crossing their fingers, etc. I want to move away from those tricks into a better, safer foundation for my technique. I want my aikido to work because I make a shape with my body that my uke cannot help but fall into and be controlled. I want folks to move around me because they feel like it is the way they want to go, not because they feel pain or fear.

I've learned how to fight and hurt, now I want to go beyond that back to not fighting and not hurting.
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