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Re: I Was Wrong

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That is what I got from the experience. What I am doing have to change fundamentally. It was almost a feeling of f*** I have to start all over again. I know all this waza, but I don't have what should be at the core of it all.
well you can take a few approaches.
1. denounce that the IP/IS folks brainwashed you, and they are evil-spawn, and you can go back to do what you do as before. This is the easiest thing to do. i'd do it in a heart beat. they are evil, always talking about partying and drinking and so on!
2. tell folks that you already doing it, so you don't have to change anything you have done so far. this also is pretty easy to do, as long as, you stay out of seminars or encounter with those IP/IS folks.
3. tell folks that it's not the aiki of aikido of the old guy so you shouldn't look at it, at all. then go back to do what you do before. also, very easy to do.
4. work your ass off to rewire your body and cursing these IP/IS folks every second of your practice for screwing with your head, then in between breaks, curse them some more. those damn bastards shown you stuffs that messed up your previous experiences. later on, you screw with other noob and have them curse at you for fun.

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