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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
He outlined the method quite clearly to the post-war students - they just didn't get it, and admitted that themselves. When you look back at the material in context things become quite a bit clearer.
You mean if you look back on the material in the context of developing internal strength?

If a teacher were to explain his methods for developing internal strength to his students, but did not present these methods within the context of developing internal strength, is it really fair to say he "outlined his method quite clearly?"

That's part of the HIPS narrative as it has evolved on these forums that I have not really been able to swallow. We seem to take as given that:

- Osensei had found methods for generating internal power
- He was fully aware that they were methods for generating internal power
- He earnestly attempted to transmit them to his students
- His students were completely ignorant of the preceding three items

I just cannot see how these add up. Even if all the Tokyo students were totally incompetent, and actually didn't think much of the man, I would expect to see quite a bit of empty, devitalized internal power drills in Aikido, more than just rowing and shaking your fists. Because they would all be like "The old man wanted us to do this, so we'll do it."

I am unsure if this points to internal power practice as being in any way similar to what Osensei was doing. if it really helped you be more like Osensei, for one I would think it would make you more of a shaman. That would change your mind as well. You'd develop a mind that was less critical, more open to seeing patterns in the chaos, less able to discern the difference between your own beliefs and objective reality....

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