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Re: Please help - got injured badly in aikido 2 days ago.worried I can't do aikido fu

Went to aikido yesterday, learned an aikitaiso blending technique for using kyokunage against a yokomenchi strike. Step, pivot, step back. Very basic movements. I'll post a video later of it, it's going to be very rigid, I haven't gotten it to lend well yet, I want to know if the basic movement/technique is correct! For example, when I first started learning it yesterday , I'd have me right foot back. I'd step with that foot , pivot, and step forward . I ended up with the right foot as always the back foot, which I think is wrong. Now when I do it, I think I learned the footwork right, so I step back after pivoting, and the right foot is initially back, then the left is in back, then right again. I'm learning ude furi choyaku undo. At first I just did the spin, ude furi undo, now slowly I'm coordinating the arms with it. I'm beginning to see how it applies. Is it ok if I post a video of it to make sure I'm using correct technique , just to be sure? Thanks!! Kevin
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