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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I never addressed Alexanders thoughts at all.
Well that's what this thread is supposed to be discussing.
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I was addressing other folks discussing timing and placement and hanmi of all things. I addressed my thoughts on the both the difference and the joining of the two in several places.I have answered your question on Ueshiba's model of connection within the body in different ways as well, some in more detail than others just a few posts or a page back. Did you miss them?
Here is a recent one a few posts back.
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Aiki and awase
Aiki as a concept prior to awase is for building a bujutsu body. Noted by Takeda, Sagawa, Ueshiba, Kodo, Tokimune, Tohei, Shirata, And many ICMA masters as well.
The dynamic balance of forces within you creates the immovable body that is placed in a -theoretically- invincible position, which is aided *by* that immovable body in motion. This is accomplished partly through other causal effects; like lack of slack leaving no telegraphing, and neutralization of forces creating movement and cancellation of resistance in an opponent not otherwise capable of being achieved through normal motion and a normal body type... which leads to a more fully realized concept of.... awase.
I am preparing for a weekend trip to Europe, so won't be around too much longer. I think there is enough expressed in the posts to clarify my views.
Of course I noticed that quote. I actually quoted it myself! It sounds like a good description of kokyu-power. I'm not doubting what you can do and I appreciate your views. I hope it goes well for you in Europe.

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