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Re: How does Aikido compare to Aiki-Jujutsu?

Richard Stevens wrote: View Post
Have you visited any other dojos yet? I'm curious as to hear how you felt experiencing a different art. A recent experience has solidified my view that we are just practicing Jujutsu.
Thanks for asking, no I haven't visited another dojo yet; there is an Aikido club in my home town that meets on a Saturday morning which is the most natural club to start cross-training in. However, I have a grading coming up next month and so have been concentrating on my AJJ. Currently I have decided to focus on my AJJ until I get to shodan and then begin cross-training when I have a better foundation in AJJ. I do watch a lot of Aikido/Jujutsu videos on youtube and pick up the odd dvd occassionally too, to supplement my learning. I have been very impressed with the Aikido Howcast tutorials just recently.

What was your recent experience and how did it affirm your view between the connection of Aikido and (Aiki)Jujutsu?

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