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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
One of the really really really freeing aspects of not DOING Aikido anymore, is not needing to worry about whether or not what I'm doing is Aikido. I can just train and enjoy getting better. Someone can tell me, "you're not doing Aikido!" and I can say, "Yes! You're right! Gold stars and cupcakes all around! It's pretty cool though, wanna play?"

PERSONALLY (and this is NOT from Dan, so don't claim he's saying it on or off-line) I don't think there's actually that much of OSensei in Aikido™, but agree with Stan Pranin that it's largely the legacy of Tohei and Kisshomaru. But since I no longer DO Aikido regularly, I don't need to convince anyone else of that. Aikido uses the word AIKI differently than I do, so while it may sound like we're talking about the same thing, we're not.
LOL. Exactly my sentiments. Saves me all the time from telling people that what they are doing is not "true AIKIdo". They can believe whatever they want to believe.

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