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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Of course! Many people on this forum have found some new material that they are very enthusiastic about. There have been multiple epiphanies. That's really great!

But what they are training is not from Ueshiba, so it is not correct to say that it is "Ueshiba's".

There is a continual resistance to this truth, and the general shape of counter-argument goes along the lines of "but it is really great training," or "here are twelve Chris Li translations that seem to be talking about something I think i am talking about," or etc.
Actually, yeah, some of it is. Did you miss my posts where I stated that some of the stuff I trained from Dan was exactly the same as what Ueshiba handed down ... outside Tokyo hombu. No, I won't say who or where. If you do the research, you find the trails.
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