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Chris Knight
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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Is there an "it" that is thee "it" that others know OUTSIDE OF AIKIDO... and yet it still can be "thee it" of Aikido's "it," Jim? Or do you think Ueshiba was a one-off?  

Probably the first thee it?...:-D

Dan, this is not a proposition that can be refuted or proven physically. It is more an issue of truth in advertising. So I go to push you, can't move you, then I find myself flung across the room, big deal. Doesn't make it Aikido. The fact that it is pretty cool, and you've attracted some higher-level Aikido people to train with you, and they say it has opened doors for them, revived their practice, doesn't make it Aikido. Doesn't mean it has anything to do with Ueshiba. Quote

Hi cliff. In my opinion this is body training and the outer form can follow many expressions. This can probably be taken into many other arts so its not just being unmoveable its about a body qualify which is unnatural and has to be seriously trained in. But take everything i say with a pinch of salt

Regards chris
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