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Re: Some Who Don't Feel Like Everyone Else

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Your question is not terribly compelling to many of those of us who have been fortunate enough to train regularly with teachers far above our own levels of experience and expertise. Saotome and Ikeda do not "feel like everyone else." Interestingly, Ikeda does not feel like Saotome. Continuing with Japanese shihan from the "Seigo Yamaguchi line", the few times I took ukemi for Endo, he did not feel like everyone else, either --- although he felt more like Ikeda then Saotome. As for the quality of these teachers' explanations of how they do what they do, I take it for granted that I will learn much more from feeling them, watching them, and attempting to emulate what I perceive, than I will from merely listening to them.

Well no one is denying there were greats in aikido, Jim.

At some point you have to ask yourself.
1. Why aren't you as good or better than them, Jim?
2. What is the thing they do that you are doing too, but not as good?
3. What is that thing?
4. How do you
5. Do you know specific things that will change you over time, that also are in other arts?
Or is it a mystery to you, to others?
Do others know what it is and how to explain it and train it?

Was there a reason Yamaguchi DID NOT teach it at hombu?
Is there a reason Ikeda looked for it outside of Saotome?
Is there a reason Tohei looked for it outside of Ueshiba?
A reason Sagawa did not teach "it" till almost before he died?
A reason Takeda said never teach "it" to white people?

Is there an "it" that is thee "it" that others know OUTSIDE OF AIKIDO... and yet it still can be "thee it" of Aikido's "it," Jim? Or do you think Ueshiba was a one-off?


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