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Re: It Had to Be Felt #30: Kobayashi Yasuo: A Living Axle

I agree that uke was always where Kobayashi Sensei wanted them.
I remember taking uke for him once when he demonstrated ushiro-dori. I found myself chasing after those wrists and struggling to keep hold.
"Oh, you're a strong one" he said with a smile as he effortlessly shifted me.

As for power, I did once see him hold a jo, have uke grab the other end, and throw. Nothing unusual about that except he did it with one hand.

I haven't trained under Kobayashi Sensei for about a decade. I'm pleased that he'll be a guest domonstrator at Hatayama Sensei's demonstration next month.

Warning: Do not bend, fold or otherwise abuse... until we get to the dojo..

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