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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Dan, this is not a proposition that can be refuted or proven physically. It is more an issue of truth in advertising. So I go to push you, can't move you, then I find myself flung across the room, big deal. Doesn't make it Aikido. The fact that it is pretty cool, and you've attracted some higher-level Aikido people to train with you, and they say it has opened doors for them, revived their practice, doesn't make it Aikido. Doesn't mean it has anything to do with Ueshiba.
Well, why can't you do what I do? Is it because you
a. don't understand what he was talking about?
b. Can't define it in any context?
c. Can't explain it as a physical process?
d. Can't display that kind of power he did?
If not, why not?

But again, you miss the point of those questions.
The fact that we are using the same methodology he discussed, we can place it historically and contextually, and we can define it, explain it and use it...does point to us doing what he was doing.

That fact that someone can do none of the above, sort of leaves them in a tough place to having any valuable talking points in the discussion. And that is the thrust of my point. If someone can't define, or do anything we are discussing that even comes close to the founders power...where is the value of their talking points beyond

It is the lack of do.... that caused one ICMA master class teacher to answer why he doesn't go on the internet.
"Why argue with students?"
I don't completely agree, but more and more I understand his view.

Aiki and awase
Aiki as a concept prior to awase is for building a bujutsu body. Noted by Takeda, Sagawa, Ueshiba, Kodo, Tokimune, Tohei, Shirata, And many ICMA masters as well.
The dynamic balance of forces within you creates the immovable body that is placed in a -theoretically- invincible position, which is aided *by* that immovable body in motion. This is accomplished partly through other causal effects; like lack of slack leaving no telegraphing, and neutralization of forces creating movement and cancellation of resistance in an opponent not otherwise capable of being achieved through normal motion and a normal body type... which leads to a more fully realized concept of.... awase.

I will leave the spiritual aspects to those who want to pursue them.

Mind you I am not hanging my hat on Ueshiba. On any other day I don't care as I just don't see him as quite the unique genius many others do. I see him as yet another of the greats that were produced in a long line of men using this material. The real question is why there are not tens of thousands of people who have some semblance of his power or even understand what the hell he was talking about?

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