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Re: back to basics, punch

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if you read my posts, i didn't mentioned anything about "correctness" or martial correctness or whatever correctness there is.
Well, the thread started off by talking about "punching", which is what I responded to, and you said "why don't we [train people how to punch]". Now you're talking about "attacks", and there I agree with you. I used to think our dojo would benefit from a makiwara, but I'm not so sure about that any more. What we care about are attacks, not punches per se, and we don't really care about the correctness of the punch as such. I just whacked myself on the nose with a log of wood (you stack three cords and you'll get a little sloppy too); now I've got a cut on the end of my nose and a couple of mashed toes from where I dropped the log. I doubt you'd say it was a martially correct log attack, but it was sure enough effective
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