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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
This is not a counter argument Cliff.
So your saying if Ueshiba discussed Math... that math is now unique to him?
So instead he discusses known methods for generating power and handling they are now unique to him?
What is really happening is a gradual realization that it is the Aikido community (including top Shihan) who were just simply ignorant, (sometimes self admittedly ignorant) of these concepts. That's not me insulting anyone. There is nothing wrong with not knowing these things. Chiba admitted to not knowing what the old man was talking about and he couldn't wait for him to shut up so they could get back to training. He said it...twice.

I've said this dozens of times to a largely unaware audience: Ueshiba discussed terms and concepts that are a perfect match with the same terms and concepts used across cultures and time by warriors. These terms were for concepts known for producing power.

Not knowing them and how to do them is one thing. Not even knowing they existed? Well... it certainly doesn't make someone right, it makes need of better information.
Sure, Ueshiba used a non-unique training paradigm to achieve the power that seems to be expressed in photos, footage, and contemporaneous accounts. It certainly seems logical that you can find that training paradigm in other arts. So that's what you did, right? What you offer is training based on these other arts.

This is definitely progress, I think we are getting there.

Not sure why you have to trot the old man's bones out and beat them to death constantly, if what he was doing can be found in these other places, though.
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