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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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You are using translations of certain excerpts of his words, exercises that you believe to be cognate, and your concept of the context is entirely your own. So what you are teaching is your own invention that has been heavily inspired by Ueshiba.

I still do not understand what is wrong with being honest about that.

Another thing, you have had success with discovering these methods and teaching others, right? Well Ueshiba didn't. Therefore you cannot be doing what he was doing.
Actually, what Dan is teaching is stuff thousands of years old and can be found in Chinese and Indian internal arts; which is pretty much the source of Ueshiba's info for his development of internal power via Takeda. If you look at a lot of Ueshiba's quotes on aiki from this perspective, you will see that a lot of his quotes are exactly what can be found in the Chinese teachings word for word - kind of makes some of his stuff less esoteric and more understandable.

Of course people can (and will) believe what they want for various reasons that help support their decisions in pursuing something. For those that are comfortable in the mainstream and are happy with their pursuit of martial arts as it is, then what we are doing is not for you, and that is fine with me. However, for those like us that have seen or felt something that was lacking in their budo, go in search of it. Like a lot of the folks that train with Dan, I have felt direct students of Ueshiba and Horikawa and many more direct students of those students from various lineages such as ASU, AAA, Iwama, Ki Society, and some independent groups - only a few (from DR and Ki Society only) had some feeling of an internal skill, but for the most part, they had nothing special at all. And absolutely no one felt any where near like what Dan feels like. So if you are happy where you are at with your Aikido, stay there - but if you are looking for that little special thing that can set you apart, get out and start training with those that have it.


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