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Re: Ju-Jitsu to compliment Aikido

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I hear a lot of talk from teachers about O'Sensei doing JuJitsu and taking it, rounding it out, and turning it into Aikido. What type of kind of Ju-Jitsu was Aikido Derived from and would it be beneficial to take to compliment your aikido.?

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This is actually a fairly straight forward answer. He learned Daito ryu aikijujutsu. That's it.

His judo teacher was young and not experienced. He really didn't get deeply involved in Yagyu Shingan ryu. Do a search on Youtube of Yagyu Shingan ryu and watch.

Morihei Ueshiba studied Daito ryu from Sokaku Takeda from 1915 to mid-late 1930s when the connection between Ueshiba and Takeda broke. After that, Ueshiba kept going with Daito ryu aiki, never looking back. Everything after that was completely influenced by Daito ryu aiki. Ueshiba would look at koryu kenjutsu and say, we'd do it this way with aiki.

The roots to Ueshiba's jujutsu? Daito ryu and Daito ryu aiki.

I've seen people from koryu know what some other person studied by the way they moved. Eerie, until you realize that each koryu remakes the person. My point is that if you really think other jujutsu influenced Ueshiba, first watch all the video you can and see if you think it's the same: judo, koryu jujutus, Daito ryu. Then ask koryu and judo people if Ueshiba moves or acts like them. PIck up Stan Pranin's DVD of back issues and read them. Pick up Ellis Amdur's books. Go through Aikiweb.

Everything but Daito ryu was superficial. Might as well say that his bayonet training in the army is what he modified to create aikido. However, it is far truer to state that his aiki training from Takeda remade him to function a specific way which then changed everything he did with empty hands and weapons.
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