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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

"What he did give credit to...they self admittedly cannot explain"

In the end the founder gave credit to a group of Japanese men who then went on to disseminate something in the best way they knew to the rest of the world..or they stayed in Japan and did the same there based on the culture they live in and what is best for the lifestyle of the people (balanced lifestyle, work, family etc). Some did better than others but that's always the way in any endeavour.

Push tests etc are not unusal here...I went down to a ki aikido club a few weeks back and they did it there, and surprisingly well. Many a place will say the warm ups are "taiso" etc. Others don't of course.

All the best with helping some out and furthering their abilities..nothing wrong with that...I wouldn't want to be justifying myself or those long gone every hour of the day though. That must be tiresome.

p.s. power to live well and get along is what we really need ; )
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