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Kevin Wilbanks
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Well, I've been deliberately vague, but the 'she' is no longer part of the current training picture... about 1100 miles away. When I went back for a visit though, she was exactly the same, and unfortuantely, another woman who used to have fun, spunky energy seemed to have fallen into the same tar pit.

I don't really spend oodles of time focussing on this issue, although as someone who is nutty about strength and conditioning and currently preparing for a fitness career, it's bound to get my goat. I just thought this was the 'bitch about lazy training' thread.

I am in culture shock. I went from living in a place that got awards for being the "#1 most livable city in the US" to a place where the best you can say is "At least it's not Beruit." or something along those lines.

I'll keep your dojo in mind for a visit, although the drive isn't too inviting.

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