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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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You brought up physical manifestation, in reply to:

As I said, it's not about me, what I can do or can't do. We were talking about the relationship (or non-relationship) about Aiki and awase, weren't we? At least until it devolved into a conversation about whether or not one ought to mimic Ueshiba's angles of the feet to the nth degree...

If it's about what I can do or can't do then it's just a "my stick is bigger than your stick" argument, isn't it? That's why I'm saying that my particular lineage isn't relevant to the conversation.
I assure you (Chris) that by you in several of the preceding posts I didn't mean you personally but as a representative of certain attitude.

The OP started with "As far as I know, this is an unsupported idea. There idea that Ueshiba's aikido came from "other martial arts" is rather, well, wrong." followed by a list of specific items Mark claimed supported his argument. The hanmi discussion came a bit latter but I think, still in that spirit. I am pretty sure I haven't brought up specific angles, if I am wrong please point out that post. You know as well as I, what "hanmi" means and that it implies a whole body posture and not just the feet placement. I am still puzzled by you choosing to ignore it as being "external" since in literally all the photos in the "Budo" book the Founder is in hanmi and according to Saito Morihiro's commentary in the same book (and common sense) hanmi=roppo=six direction kamae (p34 in the special edition). Its IPSNEH (In Plain Sight Not Even Hidden).

As to weather or not to mimic the details of Ueshiba's angles - I think you (all of us) should.

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