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Re: Most common attacks against women? Self defense class research

We just finished another 'aiki defense for women' class in a mid-sized college town. Age rage was 14 to 55. Based on discussions with local law enforcement, personal experience investigating these incidents and stories from the class we did the following:
First, assume your attacker will not respond to pain. Use techniques which involve large muscle groups and large movements to ESCAPE. Don't waste time. We applied a fairly small number of techniques to a large number of attack types and repeated them over a 4 hour workshop. Wrist grabs, 'bear hug,' front choke, rear choke, wall-pin choke, pony tail grab, rear knife to the throat and finally 'ground pin.' We emphasized that confidence,awareness, bearing and demeanor prevent most attacks. Techniques were performed with multiple body types and increased in intensity to the point where the student experiences initial 'failure' and had to fight through that to escape. We also taught 'low level' defense for incidents which commonly occur on bar dance floor and similar settings. These 'low level' attacks included the front chest grope and the wrap around the waste grope. Techniques were simplified as needed. We were very clear that when someone puts hands on you or confronts you there is nothing you are going to do to make it worse. The violent criminal is going to be as violent as he wants to be. We discussed that you should NEVER let the attacker remove you from the area "just come with me and you won't get hurt' is a lie intended to make greater violence easier to do. We discussed the fear responses of the body and how to work through them. Umm...and more. Feel free to drop me a note if you want the lesson plan. Don't have video ... yet
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