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Re: Aikido, the Hippie Martial Art

I suppose we can define a 'hippie' as someone who keeps their greying pony tail long after the pate is fully visible wearing a tie dye shirt, Birkenstocks and sporting a 'meat is murder' sticker on a bio-diesel or hybrid car with a well used bike rack. I live in a community of these 'uber hippies' (a.k.a 'peace-nicks, pinko's, protesters) who worship at the crystal encrusted altar of universal consciousness. And much of the Aikido of O'Sensei fits with these beliefs--if it is EFFECTIVE Aikido. They want to learn budo and they want their grandchildren to learn it too. They do like that AIkido teaches harmony and non-retaliation. The 'hippie' beliefs are not weaknesses anymore than Aikido is weakness though there are those who practice 'dance aikido' and still call it a martial art. I think Miles Kessler Sensei described Aikido perfectly with: "Aikido is unique among martial arts in that it teaches:
Calmness and creativity in the midst of aggression.
Compassion and non-violence responses towards violence.
Resolution of conflict without harming another."
If these principles of O Sensei so well put by Kessler Sensei are also 'hippie' values...great! I rather like my 'hippie' community of academics and balding pony tail wearing crystal keepers.
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