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Re: Theory: "Spiritual" vs "Learning something new we can't explain"

Ewen Ebsworth wrote: View Post
Is spirituality an innate human quality? I think it is. Even materialists have to accept the duality of the mind and brain. The mind cannot exist without the brain but the brain isn't necessarily the same thing as the mind. As human beings we are self-aware and this self-awareness leads us to reflect upon our experiences and find meaning and purpose in them. Our self-awareness leads us to develop an identity and this identity is something visceral as well as cognitive.
You see, I take the same info as my basis for *opposing* the concept of duality of mind and brain.
That the identity is simultaneously visceral AND cognitive is, to me, simply because they are the same thing. Visceral = cognitive, mind=brain, identity = me, "body and soul" as it were.

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