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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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I will ignore the "at all times" which I didn't say and will ask you this:

1. If the "outer form" demonstrated by the founder is not important, why insist on not doing it?
2. How you decide when to stop "mimicking his outer form"? Will you have all the --kyo, shihonage, koshinage, kokyunage etc... reworked to their non outer form shape? If so, how will your martial art look like when you are done?
3. In the context of the previous question, how does your Aikido look like now? How would you categorise your linage?
1) If one is a beginner and they try and copy the outer form, they won't get to the point where the founder is. There are a number of stages where the outer form changes as their body and mind adapt to a different way of using the body. The body will look and move differently through each stage. Keeping to that ideal form, will not allow the body to go through those stages as the ideal form is the culmination of passing through those stages. Ideally you want to train and see people at different stages of using the body along the way because its hard to see several steps ahead of where you are now.

2) If you are learning the waza, then of course you need to learn the choreography. Setting aside for the moment the idea that aikido is or is not a study of waza or a study of "aiki", you could still work on the shape of the choreography, but use a different "engine" to power it from the begining. One would need to decide though if working on that engine is best done through a set waza shape, or if that should be done in conjunction with building up that engine through solo practice, they trying to maintain it through a choreographed shape.
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