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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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All this was and is taught in Iwama. Find yourself an Iwama teacher and you will have your questions answered in considerable detail.
Regarding your second point, I belive that you need to learn how to crawl before you can run. Perhaps yours is a different methodology. Can you please tell me you aikido lineage?
I studied under Irving Faust, 6th dan (Aikikai as I recall) at Albany Akikai. I no longer claim any affiliation with Faust Sensei as I no longer live in the area. Under his instruction we were taught primarily angles, and blending with the opponent through big circular movement. We did various warm up exercises, which i now get the point of (after experiences outside aikido), but no instruction was provided as to the meaning of them. Practice was essentially copy this shape, not what holds up the shape from the inside.

After 20 years of training in martial arts, and more specifically after exposure to internal concepts via the Aunkai and Mike Sigman, I figured out that you can fundamentally use the body the same way wether you are doing kendo, iaido, judo, aikido, bjj, karate, and kajukenbo (note: I teach and hold licensure in some of these arts) even if the waza are different. The first 12 years of martial arts, I trained externally (the approach I detailed and was taught in my previous post), the last 7 I've been focusing on internally after my "eyes were opened" by Akuzawa sensei. Note: after my eyes were "opened" simply means I learned there was another way, not that I could do the other way. On a side note, you will find plenty of pre-war high level kendo instructors giving hints such that judo and kendo are two sides of the same coin, to indicate that you are training the same sort of thing.

Now when I teach students I don't focus on angles and such, I have them initially focus on weight and where they are sourcing power and where they feel loads.(I also don't officially teach internals either, but we do have a study group).

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