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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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Chris Li has already pointed out that the "translation" that John Stevens rendered from O'Sensei's writings was not accurate. A more accurate translation was provided which actually supported the position that Dan put forward.
What do you mean by "already", I have no problem with either of the translations really.

Another interesting question is why Saito Sensei did not publicly correct this translation?
What you mean by "Another"? My guess is that Saito Morihiro was happy with the Japanese original and never read Stevens.

Or why Saito Sensei did not work off of the more accurate description (six directional awareness) when he was teaching particular stances?
I can't tell how things look like when you "open your legs in six directions" but have a look here how it looked when the Founder did it (assuming he was following his own advice): . Regarding Saito Sensei not being accurate, well, the man made his life's mission to transmit the Founder's Aikido as accurately as possible so you may be a bit hasty in your assessment of his teaching.

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