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Re: Words: Virtual Reality? No Virtue, No Reality?

"We seem to have certain other groups that love to loudly pronounce their lofty, poetic understandings of the true essence of Aikido. They are given opportunities to step outside of their self-defined/confined worlds and demonstrate that they can produce what they say that can do. These groups find seem to find every way possible to avoid the discovery of their amazing abilities/disconnect between rhetoric and abilities. Even worse, when asked to provide clear definitions, sources of "understandings", etc., these groups sidestep those "trivial" matters and typically reply with some passive-aggressive poke- a clear expression of impotent rage.

We seem to have certain groups that believe that all beliefs, abilities and expressions are of equal merit and worth. These types of beliefs never stand up to the kind of academic rigor in institutes of higher learning, nor do these types of beliefs every stand up to real-life encounters."

well said!
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