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Krystal Locke
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Re: Most common attacks against women? Self defense class research

Ya know what makes me mad? Women who scoff at self-defense training because they think that fighting back will only make their attacker mad.

I mean, sheesh, the person is ATTACKING you! They are already mad, in either sense of the word. They are looking to harm, rape or kill you. Is making them a little more angry going to be a bad thing, a good thing, or just a thing? Will resisting rape pull your potential rapist more off-center and out of balance? Will a little more anger on the attacker's part make you any deader?

I think the whole "dont make him mad" thing is a recognition that most folks are attacked by people they have some sort of relationship with, and they have some measure of concern for the attacker. It is also an expression of our own gender training. Feh.

Wouldn't it be better to have a range of potential trained and generally effective responses, along with the intellectual and emotional awareness that allows us to maintain center and select appropriate responses? Why pay for the weekend and put the person in the rubber suit through all that if we aren't going to let ourselves respond appropriately to an attack for fear of hurting a murderer's feelings?
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