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Not impressed with the whole presentation. Whilst the guy actually does have some clear intimate and advanced knowledge of the actions of the kung-fu arts, he does not seem very in harmony with the spirit of it. I don't remember any mention in Shaolin teaching of showing off, or of glorifying combat. It was always an art of order and peace, not show and harm.

Then again, it's possible someone else made this clip using training footage shot in his dojo. In that case, I must give him the benefit of the doubt. Hard to say for certain. Still, his mannerisms and displays seemed cocky and boastful. The thing with the fist that he was doing where he'd twitch and the person would "go flying" was more gravity than him. Any serious martial artist picks this up immediately I'm sure. Bruce Lee did something similar, but his was a slightly upward push as he did it, meaning gravity only affected the last half. What this guy is doing is not what Bruce Lee did, and nowhere near as impressive.

Those who practice Aikido could learn a lot though from watching that footwork in video two. My practice of a few styles of kung-fu have greatly improved my versatility as nage.

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